Tips For Time Management in a Multi Tasking World

Organize your to-do-list the night beforeNothing beats organized tasks, organized and planned to-dos increase productivity. Always have your to-do-list the night before so you can start right away your day the next morning. Sort your list according to importance, set your priorities, estimate the time of completion and categorize to make a customized list, have them always at hand for easy accessibility; this will help you remember to complete the task on time.Remember simply writing it done won’t actually get it done. Follow your list religiously, knowing that you won’t forget anything gives you relax and easy day. Do the important things first

Are you good at organizing your task in a to-do-list, but having trouble actually executing them? Well, you’re not alone. Getting things done according to the list is quite difficult thing to do. Remember to keep a to-do-list, start from the most important and the urgent ones. Know your priorities have them first on the list. If you sit in your desk the next morning you know what to do and you can begin right away. You save time thinking what to do and what to do next. Just start, one you’ve started it would be easier to keep going. This will eliminate your procrastinator habit, you may not finish all things listed in your list but most likely you can go back to it once you’ve gotten it started. Don’t waste your time worrying on things that you need to do.Warm up your day by starting right and anything else will follow smoothly.Admit multi-tasking is badIf you’re Bulk Sender serious with time management, you should know that multi-tasking is a bad practice. Reading while watching TV, doing homework while eating, these are just samples that makes multi-tasking deadly. People are attracted with multi-tasking and for some they practice multi-tasking for the belief that it will increase productivity. Contrary to that it decreases ones productivity, no matter who you are and where you are, it’s not a good practice for you. The fact is doing multi-tasking tends to shift attention, loss focus and often neglect important things that has to be done accordingly. As an advice, as much as possible if it can’t be helped then at least minimize multi-tasking.

Organize your inbox

Take time to organize your inbox, an unorganized mailbox can make it difficult to find the e-mail you need and know where to get started.Your email can get cluttered, you tend to receive tons and tons of emails from people you’ve contact, daily newsletter from an IT magazine you’ve subscribed in, updates form social networking websites and from people who wanted to reach you through emails. All these emails can take too much time if you go through them individually. Organize your inbox; identify who needs a reply, whose don’t and who can wait. It doesn’t mean whose available for an immediate reply needs an immediate respond. They know when to expect your reply; you don’t need to hasten everything.Group similar messages in folders, sort folders according to category for easy file searching, better yet change the way they are sorted in your email folders by arranging them by date, by sender or even by conversation. You may add a color code to quickly identify messages from certain contacts. Delete unnecessary emails by putting it to trash. Take actions to email as soon as you read it, if it needs a reply then write your reply, if it’s a reference then print it, if it is something important that needs to be done then add it to your to-do-list, if it is a meeting then add it to your calendar.Reduce spam and unsolicited, keep unwanted emails away from your inbox use filter and mark it junk or spam to separate it from your mailbox. Remember to keep it simple as possible; don’t use complex structure for you to easily navigate and search.

Keep website addresses organized

Are you having problem locating your favorite websites? Have you lost the URL of the best movie review? Then it’s time for you to organize website addresses.There are websites that offer bookmarking services like to keep track of your favorite websites and offer easy sharing of list. Drop the hassle notes about websites and places you want to check out. You may also add bookmarks through your web browser; some web browser has a bookmarking feature. Organizing your website will give you easy access to your favorite site and saves you ample time searching for it.

Learn shortcut keys

Your operating system has a shortcut key feature, take advantage of it. Search for available shortcut keys like ctrl+C for copy and ctrl+V for paste. I don’t have to enumerate them all; you do the research for yourself. Shortcut keys are a lot easier than right clicking your mouse and chose copy and paste from the menu. You can execute short cut keys in a few second.Minimize your time hitting more keys by using shortcut keys. The more shortcut strokes you know the better. Memorize them it would